What is Road to Keto?

Hi there! My name is Chris Vrooman and I am the author of this blog – Road to Keto. I have developed a passion for continuously learning new things, especially in the health and fitness space. My background is in software engineering. While I don’t have a medical degree, I do have a huge interest in maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. This blog formed for two specific reasons.

  1. I ask a lot of questions, and I analyze medical studies looking for answers. Road to Keto has been a central place that I can gather that information together.
  2. My hope is that you, my valued reader, will find answers to the many questions YOU have about this diet as well. I want to help you on your ketogenic journey!
Chris Vrooman About Road to Keto

 Goal of this Website

My goal is to arm YOU with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve your health and fitness goals. But, I don’t expect Road to Keto to be your final stopping point. Just as I have done my own research, I encourage you to do the same and to continuously ask more questions. I am just here to help make your journey a bit easier.

My Story

I’ve been on the ketogenic diet for three years now and have been loving every minute of it. It all started in 2016 when I began intermittent fasting. With fasting, I realized that I could maintain better focus and energy levels by skipping breakfast and pushing my meals later into the day. Shortly after, I discovered ketosis could be maintained permanently by following the ketogenic diet. I quickly changed my eating habits and I’ve been on keto ever since then. I still practice intermittent fasting as well. The two work lovely together!

Since starting keto, I’ve noticed huge improvements in my energy levels, mood, and overall health. I am more level, and no longer experience the afternoon lulls that I did when eating a “Standard American Diet”. My brain is simply more sharp while running on ketones. I didn’t start the diet for weight loss reasons. I’ve always been pretty thin. But, there are so many other great benefits that made keto appealing to me.

It hasn’t always been easy though, and I’ll be the first to admit that I am not perfect when it comes to following keto. There have been some tough periods, especially in the beginning where I was battling major brain fog and other keto flu symptoms. After my body had a few months to adjust, I was able to get past these issues and really thrive on the diet.

It is because of my own struggles and experiences with keto that I created this blog. My belief is that if I have been able to help myself get to a better place, surely I can help others do the same.

I want to thank you for visiting Road to Keto! I hope that you find amazing success with the ketogenic diet just as I have.

Chris Vrooman