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Chris Vrooman Blogger from Road to KetoHi there! My name is Chris Vrooman and welcome to my blog Road to Keto. I am a 30-year-old software engineer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’m also an avid weightlifter, outdoorist, and volleyball player who is permanently plagued by an insatiable itch to solve problems. I’ve always had huge interests in diet, fitness, and health… Often stopping to ask myself this very complicated question. “How can I adjust my diet and lifestyle to live a more fulfilling life?

While I certainly don’t have all the answers, there are a number of solutions that I’ve come across that are worth sharing. Some of these are from my own health experimentation. Others are from the research that I’ve compiled.

Along the way, I came across the ketogenic diet and it’s countless health benefits. Keto has transformed who I am as a person. You’ll find that my writing covers a variety of topics around not only keto, but also intermittent fasting, and other health-related hacks that can be used to boost your daily life. The results of my research will be compiled into easy to read blog posts.

The Mission

At the core of my research is this simple question… “How can we live healthier, happier lives?”

My task is to break down hard to consume concepts from the medical and fitness communities, then relay that information on to you in a simple, easy to read format. There is always one more thing we can do to improve. While health standards are always changing, I believe it is important to stay on top of the research. Often times it isn’t until years later that the general population is informed.

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